Private Family Profiles

TRAC is now completing Family Profiles for private adoptions.


Here are a few of the guidelines:

The cost of a family profile is $2,500
$1,250 is due to begin the process, and $1,250 is due at profile signing

Time Frame
A family profile will take a minimum of 8 weeks to complete
This time frame will vary based upon cooperation with family, availability of caseworker, and completion of paperwork, trainings, and homevisits
This time frame begins with receipt of payment ($1,250)

All families are required to complete 4 hours of training
This training will be catered to your family’s adoption situation, to better serve each family
These trainings are held during business hours (Mon-Fri; 9am – 4:30pm) at TRAC’s office
Families should also receive CPR/First Aid certification. Families are responsible for locating this training.

All paperwork is required prior to your Family Profile’s completion
Clearances (FBI, State Police, ChildLine, and Enhanced) often have unexpected delays, so they should be completed immediately

For more information about Private Family Profiles, please call us at  412-471-8722.